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Eucommia is a gentle, yet powerful tonic healing herb, long used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Check out my short video below to explore more about this herb’s proven efficacy for treating low back and knee pain. It’s an amazing herb you will want to know more about.

Besides being famous for treating lumbar and knee pain, here are 3 unexpected benefits of using Eucommia:

  1. Eucommia can help stop dribbling and help heal vaginal discharge.
  2. Eucommia is considered beneficial for post-menopausal women as a protection against brittle bones caused by the decrease of estrogen in the body.
  3. In TCM, Eucommia is used to help strengthen the Will and counter the effects of stress. Protracted use is said to make the Body light and slow aging.

Find out more about this effective tonic herb and how to use it.

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