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Sometimes it can seem like every herb could treat colds and flu! Many can, and it is good to have options by which to fashion an effective protocol. As we say at White Rabbit, “not every herb or medicine works for everyone or even every time.” It is important to know your herbs well to prevent confusion about what herb to use and when.

That is the kind of knowledge that White Rabbit is dedicated to providing.

Some herbs, however, have particular properties that make them uniquely suited for treating specific symptoms and conditions.

Chinese lovage root is one such herb.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese lovage root is recognized for being especially useful for treating two very particular conditions.

  1. While it can be used for all stages, Chinese lovage root shines at helping to prevent colds and flu from taking hold at the very early stages.
  2. It is also ideal for treating headaches that present at the top of the head. This herb is used in many formulas for treating all kinds of headaches, but it is the herb for those that are causing pain at the vertex. Such headaches are often an early symptom of colds and flu.

Chinese lovage root…it treats a wide variety of symptoms and it is a key herb for early stages of colds and flu and headaches at the top of the head.

P.S. Chinese lovage root (Ligusticum sinense/Gao Ben) is not Lovage (Levistricum officinales, Du Huo Cao). Don’t let the common name “lovage” mess with your mind!

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