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Ashwagandha, aka wild cherry, is one of the world’s great adaptogenic herbs. It is famous for countering the impact of stress including calming anxiety, rejuvenating the adrenals, and supporting sleep.

Lesser known is the ability of the leaves to heal. Used topically as a paste they are highly effective for treating boils, swollen hands and feet, and soothing carbuncles.

A balm made from the leaves boiled in fat can be applied to bedsores and wounds. And a paste made from the leaves can also be used to kill lice and heal syphilitic sores.

Ashwagandha is a wonderful tonic herb, meaning it is safe, builds stamina, and counters stress. It can be used daily to promote longevity.

The long-term effects of using ashwagandha are improved immune and brain function and a slowing of the growth of tumors that can cause cancer.

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