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It is the last week of 2021. There may have been a few times when you wondered if we’d even make it to the New Year. But here we are saying farewell to 2021 and preparing to greet 2022. Hooray! A Fresh start.

The rowan (aka mountain ash, though it is not a true ash) is a tree famous in the Celtic and Nordic traditions for having the power to transport a person to other realms. This is the time of year when you journey from endings to a brand new start. What better icon than the rowan when embarking on such a journey. The berries’ bright red color is said to invoke protection and the whole tree is linked with the forces of life and creation.

The bark and berries are most typically used medicinally and are excellent for treating diarrhea, urinary tract infections, and leucorrhea. The berries have a long history of treating scurvy and malaria.

Rowan berries are tangy. They are used to make jams and jellies and other food dishes.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, rowan is considered cooling and is used to help heal wounds.

In America, the bark has been used to treat fevers associated with malaria or similar illnesses. Native American tribes used the trees for food. The berries were dried and then ground and added to flour to make bread and to soups as a thickener.

The raw berries contain a high level of toxic parasorbic acid that is changed into beneficial sorbic acid after they have been heated or frozen. Eating high doses of raw uncooked berries is not advised. Cooking them makes them ready for ingestion.

Rowan symbolizes resilience, strength in facing adversity, determination, and defiance. It is the Tree of Life that transmits the quickening power of fertility and abundance.

Here’s wishing you an abundant New Year, the determination to meet your goals, and the strength to move forward with certainty and confidence.

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