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Tis the Season to boost your immune system.

Holiday gatherings, travel, partying, and changes in temperatures can collectively weaken your immune system.

Prevent and fight cold and flu symptoms with elderberry! It tastes lovely and can be enjoyed in teas or as a cordial or cough syrup to soothe sore throats and stop coughing.

With a long history of being used to help stop coughs, elderberry is considered safe for children and even babies over 2 years old to help boost their immune systems and as a syrup to help stop coughs. For 2-3 year olds 1 teaspoon per day is the recommended dose, for kids ages 4-12 years old, 2 teaspoons per day is recommended.

Safe for kids, great for adults, consider adding a bit of elderberry into your stay healthy regime during the holiday season. It tastes good and has wonderfully effective antiviral and antibiotic properties.

Find out more about Elderberry (Jie Gu Mu).

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