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This module will give you insights into how each system determines what is the root cause of disease and illness. You will begin to understand that the Eastern (TCM) approach is firmly anchored in preventive care and the understanding that the Body is energy and therefore impacted by internal and external energetic systems and responses. Understood as an environment, the Body is merely a reflection of the external environment and subject to the same energetic influences one can witness in nature. Knowing the causes of disease will give you insights as to how Eastern (TCM) descriptions of herb actions and functions have been developed. You will also see how Western Medicine is focused on creating medicines and technologies that allow it to root out infections and illnesses by its approach and understanding of the causes of disease.

Both approaches can be effective. The key is understanding that the Eastern perspective is subjective and the Western is objective. Let’s take a closer look at what each perspective understands the causes of disease to be related to.