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Gypsum is a hydrous calcium sulfate used to fertilize soil, make cement, and it can also be used as a medicine! Gypsum is best used with other herbs to counter conditions associated with life-threatening, severely high fevers and Heat or Fire in the body. These symptoms include high fevers with no chills, dry tongue, delirium, red eyes, dark and scanty urine, irritability, and profuse sweating.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, gypsum is classified as a healing substance that Drains Fire and Dispels Blazing Stomach Fire. This is not an herb for general fevers, but rather for severely high fevers. It is also used to treat other conditions that have moved beyond being Hot and are now exhibiting Fire symptoms, including arthritis, diabetes, and lingering colds. A non-toxic substance, gypsum is considered best used with other herbs that can help maximize gypsum’s cooling properties.