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Cyclamen is a popular house plant. But did you know it can also be a medicine?

Its roots have powerful purgative properties that can be either toxic or healing. They are therefore only recommended for external use and remain quite potent and effective when used in this manner! The plant’s roots and flowers are also considered harmful if eaten.

Typically extracts or ointments are only used topically to help ease constipation, menstrual cramping, or intestinal worms.

Cyclamen can be used externally as an essential oil. The oil is extracted from the flowers of C. Europeum and is used to treat abdominal cramping and ease the birthing process.

A homeopathic tincture made from the fresh root is also applied externally as a liniment over the bowels to purge the intestines.

Traditionally, only the young leaves of cyclamen have been eaten, and then only by those who knew how to harvest and prepare them.

Cyclamen is a lovely plant. But remember, very little of the root is ever recommended. If they are used at all, it will most likely be externally and it is not recommended without medical supervision. The roots are highly purgative and toxic and can cause harm if used improperly.

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