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Evening primrose is one of those plant’s that’s been used to heal everything. And for good reason! It’s highly nutritious and has important medicinal properties.

Here are 5 Must-Knows About Evening Primrose:

  1. Evening primrose can act as a natural estrogen promoter helping to ease disorders associated with hormonal disruptions.
  2. High in GLA (gamma-linolenic acid, which are essential Omega-6 fatty acids), evening primrose supports heart health, the utilization of insulin, and can help treat multiple sclerosis, infertility, and help regulate moods.
  3. China is the world’s largest producer of evening primrose oil. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the plant is known for Moving Blood, Tonifying Yin and Liver, Reducing Pain, and Soothing Skin.
  4. Magnesium, zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin B6 are used to convert GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) in the body. Therefore, some sources recommended supplementing with these compounds when using evening primrose.
  5. Evening primrose can help prevent bleeding and dissolve clots when a person is healing.

By the way, all parts of the plant are edible. It’s very user-friendly.

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