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Turkey tail is best known for its immune-enhancing and powerful adaptogenic properties.

Here are four insider tips you might not have known about turkey tail:

  1. Turkey tail helps to heal infections, including HPV (Human papillomavirus).
  2. Turkey tail contains a variety of prebiotics making it useful for supporting a healthy gut biome.
  3. Considered safe. Some people may experience a potential side effect of a darkening of their fingernails, stools, or bloating. There are no poisonous species of Trametes anywhere in the world, and most have medicinal properties.
  4. When you are out foraging for turkey tail know that it favors oak, alder, poplar, aspen, elm, ironwood, and eucalyptus trees. Trunks that are 6 to 12 inches in diameter are best. It can also grow on several types of fruit trees and Douglas fir (think recycled Christmas tree!). Happy hunting! (and be sure you are not harvesting false turkey tail (Stereum ostrea) which has a smooth underside and no pores, it won’t hurt you, but it is not true turkey tail (Trametes versicolor)!)

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