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Allow me to introduce you to sea buckthorn! (This is not buckthorn bark, Rhamnus frangula.) Sea buckthorn is an amazing plant that is helping to heal our planet as it helps to heal your body.

It is being grown in large areas to help counter desertification by preventing soil erosion and revitalizing abandoned regions that are becoming too dry and dead.

The young leaves are edible and the berries are loaded with nutritional value that supports heart and digestive health, helps to prevent cancer, and stops coughs and asthma.

It has 10X the amount of vitamin C found in oranges and is the 3rd highest plant source of vitamin E in the world. It may be the only plant to contain all four omega fatty acids!

The oil is wonderful for healing skin.

Sea buckthorn berries are quite tart. Some say they taste like sour orange with a dash of mango. Others say they taste like pineapple.

Find out more about this wonderful plant’s healing powers…

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