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Lemon has traveled the world as food, medicine, scent, and other amazing uses (did you know they can charge batteries?)

Best known for their soothing and cleansing scent, lemons are also famous for their tart, sour flavor, which we even describe as “lemony”.

The sour flavor in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is identified with the Liver system. The Liver system (aka the Wood Phase or Element) is especially identified with Spring and the Free Flow of Qi and Blood (for example, regulating menses, easing pain caused by stagnation, and releasing emotional blockages that can lead to anger and irritability).

Lemon’s cooling and sour properties help to cleanse the system, removing blockages and supporting the Free Flow of Energies in the Body. Sour foods are astringent and help prevent excess sweating, diarrhea, and counteract the impact of fatty, greasy foods.

Sour moves up and out, astringing leakages, and moistening the Liver and Body.

Lemon energizes, supports digestion, rebalances pH, prevents infections, and calms nervous irritability.

Sour lemons….they’re uncommonly good for you in more ways than you may be aware of.

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