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Mustard has long been popular in many cultures as a condiment and spice. Many are less aware of its potent medicinal properties.

  • Highly nutritious, mustard contains over 600% of your daily requirement of vitamin K and 96% of vitamin A.
  • Of all the cruciferous vegetables, which are themselves known to be especially high in phenols, (compounds known for supporting immune function and preventing cancer,) mustard greens contain the highest levels.
  • Mustard can speed up your metabolism, lower blood pressure, inhibit cancer cell growth, reduce the severity of asthma, help heal bee stings, and decrease the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Because mustard is warming and stimulating it is also highly useful for treating a wide variety of skin conditions including psoriasis, contact dermatitis, acne, and even stimulating hair growth.
  • A plaster of the seeds can also help to soothe and heal nerve damage causing pain and numbness.
  • In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), mustard is well known for Moving Qi, Moistening the Lungs, Expelling Cold, and Reducing Inflammation. It is commonly used to ease asthma, stomach disorders, reduce fibroids, and treat arthritis.

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