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When we think of magnolia trees, we often think of their beautiful flowers. But it turns out magnolia has both healing flowers and healing bark. While these two parts of the tree have overlapping properties, they also each have distinct applications….so be sure to check out our Healing Herb Session on Magnolia Flower too!

Magnolia bark is especially famous in Traditional Chinese Medicine, where it has been used for hundreds of years, for treating digestive disorders due to Phlegm, a Pathogenic Factor, that can cause stagnation and includes such symptoms as bloating, food retention, nausea, and vomiting.

Like the flower, the bark is also commonly used to calm anxiety, treat depression, and aid sleep.

This is a tree that is worth taking a deeper look into…. and maybe even growing in your garden?

Take full advantage of Magnolia Tree’s unique healing powers with our new Magnolia Tree (Huo Po) Health Session.

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