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We’re happy to share FOUR (4) great resource sections with you!!

  • Our References and Resources Page: This page is loaded with great websites and books that offer you some of the best information available on herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoism, Western healing perspectives, and more! Want to learn about more websites and books that are terrific resources for learning more? This is the page for you!
  • Our Directory of Healing Professionals: This directory can help you find herbalists, acupuncturists, and a variety of other healing professionals in your area. You can confirm expertise, find contact information, see their picture and learn a bit about who they are and what their unique approach to healing is. We’re adding more and more healers, professionals, schools, businesses, regions and countries as we go! (Don’t see your healer?? Send us an email at and we’re happy to contact them to help them list with us – it’s free!)
  • Our Fabulous Herb Directory: Enjoy learning about herbs from both an Eastern and Western perspective. Our herbal directory is chock full of botanical, chemical, traditional, scientific, energetic, Eastern (TCM) and Western information on every herb on our list! AND we’re always adding more! Have a favorite you would like us to include? Send us your request at
  • Our Course Directory: Visit our Course Directory page to learn about other courses you may be interested in. Keep learning! Keep exploring! We’re always adding more courses, interviews and materials to help you expand your healing horizons!

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