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It’s summertime in the Northern hemisphere, time to think about figs! In the Southern Hemisphere, it’s winter, and it’s still time to be thinking about figs! They can help warm you up and give you energy on cold, windy, damp days.

Besides being a popular laxative, did you know figs are an excellent source of prebiotics that improve overall gut health?

Did you know they are an excellent source of calcium and potassium which improve bone density?

Did you know that fig leaves are considered to have insulin-lowering properties allowing a diabetic to lower the amount of insulin they need to take?

Traditional Chinese Medicine considers figs to be a Yin and Yang balancing food.

And the dried leaves can be smoked and used to treat asthma.

Figs can be used for cooking or making tea.

So way beyond helping you to poo, figs are a superfood with important medicinal values you might not have been aware of before.

Find out more about what figs and fig leaves can do for you.

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