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, it’s official! We are now at the very start of 2020. A new year and a new decade.

To start off right I thought we would revisit the sacred Rowan tree (aka Mountain Ash), famous for its abilities to transport a person to another realm, empower psychic abilities, and treat a variety of physical ailments from asthma, to diarrhea, to leucorrhea. The berries contain very high levels of vitamin C.

The rowan is considered a Tree of Life. These are trees that have profound connections to the spirit world as well as deep healing powers. The spirit of the tree itself can be a guide to help you find health and direction.

Rowan is a symbol of resilience and strength in facing adversity. It inspires determination and attracts abundance, two gifts I wish for you in this upcoming year.

May this New Year and new decade bring you health, happiness, and peace. May this magical tree, that is a portal to other realms be a portal of protection and prosperity for you to follow into the coming days and months.

Happy 2020!

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