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There are two types of Atractylodes, Bai Zhu and Cang Zhu. Bai Zhu is most commonly used is considered to be one of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s most highly regarded herbs for building Qi and promoting healthy digestion. Cang Zhu is more drying but is also used to promote digestive function.

There is an old Chinese saying, “ginseng in the north and atractylodes in the south”, referring to the herb’s ability to especially treat digestion and intestinal issues caused by excess Damp, whereas Ginseng is especially preferred for its upward clearing and strengthening abilities associated with the respiratory and heart systems.

Here are 3 Unexpected Attributes of Atracytlodes:

  1. The ancient Taoists used the herb to help counter the loss of body weight and appetite associated with the consumption of heavy metals in alchemical mixtures used to promote longevity or “lightness.” According to ancient texts, it is the key herb to be used for salvation during end times for its ability to build strong Qi, fight off ghosts, and promote longevity.
  2. Atractylodes is commonly used in TCM to Calm the Fetus. It helps soothe a restless, agitated fetus, helping to prevent miscarriage.
  3. Atractylodes is used to prevent weight loss due to chemotherapy and radiation treatments. These therapies tend to cause a loss of appetite with resultant weight loss. Atractylodes stimulates an appropriate appetite response, helping to build strength and support recovery. It is also used to promote weight loss, due to the fact that it can regulate appetite in either direction.

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