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I know, I know! Cabbage?

Seems to be having a bit of resurgence lately. Why?

Besides being one of the world’s great culinary and medicinal foods, cabbage is easy to grow, lasts a long time when stored properly, and can be used in more ways than you may be aware of!

Here are 5 Key Properties of Cabbage that will have you making more use of this wonderful plant too!

  1. Low in calories, it can assist weight loss while being an important source of nutrition. It’s high in fiber, vitamin C and K, and loaded with powerful antioxidants.
  2. When fermented to create sauerkraut and kimchi, cabbage is very high in probiotics that help promote a healthy digestive system. In the Middle Ages, it was called the “drug of the poor” because it improved digestion and was used to treat gout, headaches, and hangovers.
  3. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), the sour flavor, (which fermented cabbage is known for), stimulates contraction and absorption. It is the flavor associated with the Liver and Gallbladder and is used to treat Leaking (whether vaginal, sweating, semen, sputum, or blood) and to reduce the contraction of ligaments and tendons.
  4. In TCM, cabbage is known for Clearing Toxins, including Heat, Damp, and environmental toxins.
  5. The ancient Greeks used cabbage as a laxative and a liniment for bruises. They used the juice as an antidote for mushroom poisoning.

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